Drilling Fluid mixing and recycling system

The MGS 1000 drilling fluid mixing / recycling system has a D50 cut point of 20 – 25 microns and is able to process + / – 1000 litres/ minute of drilling fluid (60 cubic meters per hour).

The clean tank incorporates a built-in venturi hopper complete with in-tank jetting agitation system for superior drilling fluid mixing.

Dirty fluids are processed through the high-G linear motion shale shaker, which provides 7.3Gs of continuous vibration. Fitted with, high performance, extra-fine pyramid screens; the adjustable angle shale shaker effectively transports and removes the vast majority of drilled solids on the first cut – significantly improving the recycling performance. In addition, the 4” hydrocyclone manifold mounted above the shale shaker provides further solids separation providing an industry leading separation package.

Height 3.55m (11′ 8″)
Width 2.35m (7′ 8″)
Length 5.2m (17′ 1″)
Total weight (empty) 4 metric tonne
Shaker & Shaker frame weight 1.5 tonne
Base tank weight 2.5 tonne
Clean fluid tank 2300 L
Dirty Fluid tank 3700 L
Power Requirement: 75KVA generator (not included)

mgs1000 4

Applications: Drilling fluid Mixing and Recycling


  • High ‘G’ linear motion 3 panel shale shaker providing 7.3G continuous vibration
  • 4 x 4″ hydrocyclone manifold
  • Mechanically sealed centrifugal pump & motors
  • High shear 3″ venturi hopper
  • Weatherproof control panel
  • Clean / Dirty mud compartment base tank
  • Tank Overflow system
  • Easy access for mud sample testing
  • Glass flake paint
  • Complete with lifting eyes
  • Electrical earth Spike

3″ Venturi Mixer

  • Jet agitation system to ensure fast drilling fluid mixing and processing
  • Helps to prevent settlement
  • Jet lance for easy screen wash down

Pyramid Screen

  • Gives up to 125% more surface area
  • Quick release / change of screens (approx 2 minutes)
  • Easy shaker andgle adjustment while unit is in operation
3" Venturi Mixer
3″ Venturi Mixer
Pyramid Screen
Pyramid Screen